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All photos on original posts from this site are used under a Creative Commons license. The photographer is always attributed. Please check with the photographer before editing any of these photos or using photos for commercial purposes. (On Flickr, the Creative Commons icons will be on the photo’s page, on the right-hand side.)

This site attempts to only re-blog photos under Creative Commons or similar licensing. However, the author apologizes for any photos that are not properly licensed in re-blogs.

Most photos come from Flickr, though some in the past have come from WikiMedia Commons. The dashboard icon is this photo of Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA, taken by Josh Mazgelis.

The author of this site believes in copyrights, and allowing people to license their own creative work as they see fit. Thanks to those who allow sites like this to use their work.

A list of stadiums, arenas, fields, fieldhouses, gyms, rinks, grounds and gardens we all want to visit before we die.

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About the Photos